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Sic Erat Scriptum

by Estuarine

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Ippocalyptica thumbnail
Ippocalyptica I am not a fan of Estuarine’s earlier works (some people want to fight me for saying so), but I love Sic Erat Scriptum and believe that this is where all of Hydrus’ brilliant ideas finally come together coherently. We are living in a great time as it concerns technical death metal and it really takes something compelling to get my attention in 2019, but this does it with ease, despite the song lengths. Dazzlingly technical, very aggressive, and whimsically experimental, this fucking rips!
YomaBarr thumbnail
YomaBarr Looks like I have a soft spot for one man DM for a reason :) what imagination!

Reminds me of Hardcore Anal Hydrogen somewhat. Not the same music, but the same dose of witty weirdness :)

P.S. I've just caught myself I can't stop grinning at it.
Lasse Gerrits
Lasse Gerrits thumbnail
Lasse Gerrits An album so intense I sometimes need to take a break halfway before I can finish listening to it.
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Leash their necks. Forced on. Through infinite halls. Existing as raw energy. Formless. With which we merge when life has expired. Merging with the dark side of the wall. As real as sun and constellation. Alternate face of existence. Where souls lack division. Shaped by karmic law. Free from the shackles of flesh. Free from fabricated systems breeding death. Endless is the reformation cycle. A breakdown of souls to service new molds. Defragmented crux of the essence. Assorted into chaos by ceaseless vibration...
Sculptor of aether. Twisting into form. Soldiers of planetary warfare. By she whose hand wages war with the living. She whose resolve is to fasten shut the gates of all carnate life. And I her most treasured ally. Harbinger of death in my own right. Summoned to the killing sphere. For mine is the will of mayhem, the bringer of new dawn. Bearing the cleanse of extinction. Of phosphorus and sulfur I will myself a womb and trigger the germination of my future carbon host. Through carbon I impose my ancient will upon this sphere. For mine be the hands that drive heartward the spear. Through sulfur the Earth is ripe for my possession. Constricting the flow of human anima. For I shall reverse the teachings of Isa and I shall reset the toxic work of profits flawed. Then I shall bleach the world of mental context. Through I shall Gaia mirror the vortex and thus shall I forge my cosmic throne. The tumor of mankind has turned malignant. Maddened by the impulse to destroy. The downfall of the race to first wield fire. Their reign cat's paw to the waves of time. And in their lieu shall I rule under the crown of blue flame. To raid the shores of terra I possess the unborn. Of phosphorus and sulfur I will myself a womb. Arise...
Soul abducted from harmony's peak. Womb born cancer. Terminal disease. Horrid formation of zygote and ovum. Nine long months mark the end of hibernation. Clawing through prison wombs dim light approaches. Kicking and screaming and breaching the surface. Gasping mouths of blood one can become a member of human statistic. Bound into a mass of viscera as flawed as any organism and forced to live as fragile as marrow. Slave to gravity. Expression hampered by human speech. Flesh bred vessels lurk upon green earth. Flawed carnation. Minds erased at birth. Noble sperm trumps the herd merging with ovum. Multiply forming eyes and spinal column. Human shape takes it's form cursed with a conscience. Haunted by horrors of prenatal matrix. Endless is the hall of birth canals which bridges infinite dimensions. Acclimating aether into sons then forced into a human body and doomed to live in it. Of plague and carnage born. These life forms. Alas, I now again inhabit the realm of the living. Drowning in off white aura my words are destine to become law...
What makes them tick? An impulse to consume. A force that makes existence monotonous. Breeding contempt for mindless repetition. A queen is only as strong as her drones. Systemic bloodlust for wealth corrupting the hearts of the best men. Distorted perception of worth perverting what it means to be a human. A pawn... you are all pawns. Mindless sentient peons. Orchards budding souls. Damned moron horde. Slaves upon the orb. Lashed in purgatory. To the dead be the glory. Pry wide the mouths of the learning young. Teach them the virtues of deep sedation. Sown be the seeds of human avarice. Glorifying the worship of Mammon. Fellating the manifest of Hades for thus is the instinct of fauna. Till outpaced by the reaper's scythe and cast back to oblivion. Throughout the ages I've possessed manifold species but none compare to this rampant primate disease. Carriers of souls until maturation then the universe does with them as seen fit. Mindless sentient peons wiping the earth clean. Lashed in purgatory to the dead be the glory...
Panthalassa 06:33
Mortal vessel be vanished. To aether remanifest. My final form lacks boarders. Vibration shakes loose the cast and with the cease of being I become both none and all. Thus occupying the translucent body. Possession of Gaia herself. Malevolent king who knows not mercy. Thanatophoric demiurge. And with but a thought the sea rises man and mountain being swallowed just the same. Struggling to breath until the eros comes to wane. Relish in the sight of bodies battered by the waves as the currents drag all heedless fauna to their graves. What now of the empire as monuments dissolve. Stripped of the crown. For shame. Mortal vessel vanished to the deepest trenches. No shelter overrides the laws of nature. The war to survive cannot be won. Occupying the translucent body I become all and none. And use my force to drive below the ocean the heads of domesticated man. Reconstructing Mirovial waters. Resurrecting Panthalassa. From trickle to torrent the deluge shall not relent. Expanding the mere, consuming human domain. Land culture be lost to nekton supremacy. And with my force I drive below the sea the gaping mouths of man till they stop twitching. Expand the mere, the all consuming mere, with relentless attrition. From trickle to torrent the downpour shall not relent. As man's eros comes to wane terra firma is obtained...
Upon the ocean throne. A solitude unmarred. Drifting through sensory deprivation. I sail the seas of grey matter distracted only by the whites of waves and stars drug through the sky. Yet as much as I love painting horizons and freezing bald the trees come every fall what be the meaning? When I alone admire my work. Submerged further in deep meditation. Seated upon a throne withdrawn. Below me the churning stew of fin and tentacle. Perhaps through altercation they can be trained to serve the king in I. Rising above the placid shield an isle of mutation. As was destroyed so shall create until the scalpel has gone dull...
Plucked one by one my unwitting sons. Subjects to blind experimentation. Ripped from the seas and reformed to breath. Forced to crossbreed with long extinct species. Bearing the flawed heirs to Bodhi. Birthed stillborn, dead and malformed. Redirecting once again the life stream back towards terrestrial shores. Capillaries draining precious aether. Spewing phlegm and blood through flawed tools of respiration. Decomposing and making rich the ground. Given mere moments to sip the springs of being. For products of flawed siring the well runs dry. Even the horrid influence the great schematic. Refining the equation for a helix superb. If only I could calculate the life code. Splitting morphon until their blood has dyed dark the once pale soil. And of this mortal clay I fashion sharp the perfect form. Made complete by a Spirulida cranium. Withdrawn be the scepter to endow essentia. Flickered on and dragged to sentience. At last a being that seems lucid. So through the wind I make my presence known. "I am your creator." Redirecting once again the life stream back towards terrestrial shores. From one flows the swarm of panting masses. Upon the rocks to fuck and multiply with none but me to pledge devotion...
In many forms I walk among them. My infant flock heirs to the crown. Shaping their future generations. Primitive as they are. Still soft for the sculpting. On all fours they crawl, shameless savages. the chatter headed hierarchy. Pull straight their spines and send them off to roam the earth upright. Their hands now free to show allegiance through live sacrifice. Their minds still weak to covey the worship words I wish to hearken. So from the very turf on which they stand I erect the keys of cognition. The sharpener of tongues psilocybin. In telepathic speech the herd is gathered. Mouths wet with anticipation gnawing of the earth. The onset igniting visions of geometric webs. Painted in shifting pixels as distant dialects take shape out of the void from a monotonous hum. This hum grows ever louder exposing variants. Broke into syllables struggled to replicate. Their jaws in convulsions communicating their awe. With pupils wide their throats vibrate in songs of endless praise. For centuries the dismal Om has echoed through the plains in endless repetition.. The choir of infinity shakes loose instinctive law. So quickly they conform. As man have they become. Madness.. Never did I mean to incite such religious fervor but still they ration sanity in such insane behavior. Weary have I grown of the chanting. A loving god they worship not. So ripping wide the cloth of space-time, my children, the dirge tolls for thee...
Done are the games rise to the new king destroyer of worlds awaken. Pulled from my perch, the doomed planet earth, now drifting towards a sky newly opened. The swirling gateway home. A glowing neon vortex. Now severed be the anchor that's held in place a cosmos consumed. So onward, through event horizons as the choir becomes screams of anguish. Their mantras echo through my mind as the memory lives on in eternal form. Retained. The sum of all terrestrial matter streamlined to a single atoms width. Funneled ever deeper through the chasm, beyond which lies the apeiron. My kingdom awaits... Sanguine. For ages my existence has boiled down to this one purpose, the mass extinction of dimension four. But now that my tongue has acquired the sweet taste of blind worship I am no longer content to serve. No slave am I, he who wields the dagger, and perturbed am I with decarnation. So bisecting the head of the head of the sculptor, no wombs remain to occupy. Ended is the reformation cycle. The breakdown of souls complete. Once and for all sorted into chaos. Crippling the great duality of flesh and formless existence as all energy bleeds into one. Rallied, loose anima. Kept here from the realm of the living for the last time.. As the high power aether bends to my command. I densify it to my fist size. Within my hands I grasp the singularity and destroy the grid of it's casing. Filling the void with lengthening gamma. Forming atoms as the ferment cools. Distributed through the black abysm. Endless expansion as time starts anew. The dawn of my true reign...


The third album by Floridian metal band Estuarine. Over an hour of extreme technical psychedelic brutality with a full production and unorthodox song structures. Downloads are free but donations are greatly appreciated and if you really like what I'm doing SHARE THIS MUSIC!!!

PHYSICAL CDs AND T-SHIRTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! Huge thanks to everyone who supports the project, YOU keep this machine running. HAILS \m/

Contact/Support: www.facebook.com/estuarinemetal

Named one of the top 15 technical death metal albums of 2018 by Metal injection's Tech-Death Tuesday column.
"The songwriting here is what steals the show and makes this so great, the short songs steamroll over you with glee, and the albums longer songs, of which there are several, provide the core of the albums brilliance.. Sic Erat Scriptum is a highly creative and richly layered album that doesn't really sound like anything else out there. Group’s like Estuarine are boldly enlarging the scope and quality of what’s possible to achieve as a one-man band in the tech-death sphere." Austin Weber for Metal Injection (www.metalinjection.net/lists/best-of-2018/a-retrospective-look-at-the-best-technical-death-metal-of-2018) (www.metalinjection.net/av/tech-death-tuesday/estuarine-deliver-2018s-first-killer-shredfeast-on-sic-erat-scriptum)

Ranked 4th best album of 2018 by Andrew Rothmund for Invisible Oranges.
"Somebody, please, sign this guy... Estuarine bleeds effortlessness and panache with songwriting mastery. Everything is honed and balanced to perfection: long songs, short songs, heavy songs, light songs, fast songs, slow songs, climaxes and valleys, simplicity and complexity… it’s all rapturously furious and furiously rapturous."
"Despite its outlandishness, Sic Erat Scriptum is entirely lean: no riff carried on too long, no climactic opportunity missed. And despite its leanness, it feels infinitely deep — easy to get lost in — rendering repeat listens as milestones in an ongoing and prolific discovery."
(www.invisibleoranges.com/estuarine/?trackback=tsmclip) (www.invisibleoranges.com/technical-ecstasy-3/)

Rated 9.3/10 and ranked 7th best musicianship for the second half of 2018 "Sic Erat Scriptum is, to put it simply, absolute madness. It's an inescapable, shapeshifting beast that is virtually unclassifiable within the usual constraints... Estuarine are masters of inventive composition, jaw-dropping performances, and perhaps most importantly, molding all of these elements into highly palatable, consistent songwriting." FlightOfIcarus at Metal Trenches (metaltrenches.com/reviews/sic-erat-scriptum-1535) (metaltrenches.com/reviews/2018-part-deux-musicianship-78)

8.5/10 "Released last year, we’re very glad to have had this come our way now as Sic Erat Scriptum is an unquestionably intriguing album. With many of the elements that we enjoy in metal put together in a way that excites.. Estuarine showcases an imagination that would be called genius by some, mad by others. The end result is an album that we can all enjoy it all its insanity." Carl 'The Disc' Fisher for Games,Brrraaains & a Head-Banging Life (gbhbl.com/album-review-estuarine-sic-erat-scriptum-self-released/)

"This one is a big high-speed brain-twister, as savage as a rabid wolf but also instrumentally intricate and exuberant (and full of surprises) in a way that left a big smile on my face." Islander at No Clean Singing (www.nocleansinging.com/2018/01/06/seen-and-heard-on-a-saturday-panopticon-phendrana-ancst-allegaeon-vaelmyst-estuarine/)

"Lots of crazy progressions and wild swings, with the longer songs being particularly prone to exploration in the best possible way. Consider all of this madness is accomplished by one person and you’ve got an album that is begging to be enjoyed by the death metal legions. With the right push behind it, Sic Erat Scriptum could be huge." Kyle McGinn for Dead Rhetoric (deadrhetoric.com/features/sifting-through-bandcamp-february-2018/)

"Sic Erat Scriptum is a long album, but Hydrus holds you in rapt attention with excellent pacing, variety, and dynamics.. will leave you more satisfied than an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet." W at Toilet of Hell (www.toiletovhell.com/you-send-me-things-i-listen-to-them-kosmogyr-%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%B3%D0%B0-%D0%BA%D0%BB%D1%83%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%80-and-estuarine/)

"Twisted and chaotic, but never messy or uncontrolled, this really is an impressive piece of work. With a sound that’s both dense and sprawling, the music unfolds at a frenetic pace, carving up its influences into thin strips and threading them together with the skill of an artisan.. Lovers and explorers of extreme metal’s outer fringes are highly advised to investigate this as a priority." wonderboxmetal (wonderboxmetal.com/2018/01/19/estuarine-sic-erat-scriptum-review/)

"Estuarine‘s latest is really a sort of underground gem.. it’s a fascinating and transcendental journey into the deepest depths of the ocean." Dæv Tremblay for canthisevenbecalledmusic (canthisevenbecalledmusic.com/jan-wouter-oostenrijk-dios-trio-lucky-cerruti-leguman-omnea-schnack-jonny-turner-libera-scientia-and-estuarine/)


released January 1, 2018

Hydrus- All performance, vomit and (de)composition

Jamie Amos- Recording, mixing and mastering


all rights reserved



Estuarine Tampa, Florida

Nomadic extreme metal originally from Tampa, Florida. Experimental technical blackened deathgrind.

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