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by Estuarine

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    NOTE: This is a single CD, pictures above are made to show that the cover artwork is reversible. All orders containing this CD will be shipped on 3/10/2021. All CDs come with stickers and a signed guitar pick. Can be signed upon request.

    Something old and something new for the price of one!!! This compact disc contains both the newest Estuarine release, the Nyarlathotep EP, and the oldest Estuarine release, the 2013 self-titled debut full length, in one cheaply priced and convenient package. With Nyarlathotep you get possibly the shortest concept record ever to exist (anyone want to fact check that?), featuring 8 brutally dense bangers which call back on Estuarine's grinding brutal death metal roots, smashing all of the project's layered experimental trademarks into a 10 minute reinterpretation of H.P. Lovecraft's "Nyarlathotep" short story. With the self-titled debut you get 52 minutes of progressive blackened tech death COMPLETELY remixed, remastered and sounding better than I ever thought it could. Consider this a "Director's Cut" of the album, featuring some never before heard interludes and atmospheric layers that were for some reason left on the cutting room floor back in 2013. Seriously, I've been working on this remix since 2018; it's far from a thrown together update!!! All this comes in a durable jewel case package featuring an 8 page booklet complete with lyrics (a first for the debut), liner notes, exclusive artwork and photography, and reversible cover artwork. The cover for Nyarlathotep was done by the always incredible The Lung Swarm (www.facebook.com/ArtOvTHELUNGSWARM/) and the cover for the 2013 debut was done by sole Estuarine member Hydrus. Buying CDs is the absolute BEST way to support this project so if you like what I do and want to show some appreciation buy this, tell your friends about it, help me buy food and get something cool out of it for yourself!!!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Nyarlathotep via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    NOTE: Nyarlathotep cover artwork is reversible (thus the conflicting photos used above). All orders containing the Nyarlathotep/Self-Titled compilation CD will ship 3/10/2021(official release date 3/19/2021). All CD orders come with stickers and a signed guitar pick. Can be signed upon request.

    Two limited edition Estuarine CDs for a special price when bought together!!!! What you get here is both the brand new compilation CD containing both the Nyarlathotep EP as well as the completely remixed and remastered director's cut edition of Estuarine's 2013 self-titled debut, PLUS 2019's Wisdom of Silenus which contains both the Wisdom of Silenus EP and the entire instrumental version of Sic Erat Scriptum. Get them while they last knowing that buying CDs is the BEST thing that you can possibly do to help keep this project going!!!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Nyarlathotep via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 2 days
    edition of 50 

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    NOTE: The Nyarlathotep+self-titled CD has a reversible cover (thus the conflicting photos used above). All orders will ship on 3/10/21, 9 days before the 3/19/2021 release date of Nyarlathotep. All CD orders come with stickers and a signed guitar pick. Can be signed upon request.

    All three Estuarine CDs for the best price you'll ever get!!! The studious among you may realize that this is ALMOST my entire discography (Lucid/Entheogen has yet to be available in physical format).. What you get is the Sic Erat Scriptum CD (61 minutes total), the Wisdom of Silenus CD (which includes both the Wisdom of Silenus EP as well as the instrumental version of the entire Sic Erat Scriptum album. 78 Minutes total) and the brand new Nyarlathotep/Self-Titled debut compilation CD (Contains both the new Nyarlathotep EP as well as the completely remixed and remastered director's cut version of the 2013 self titled debut. 60 minutes total.) Buy all three together and save about 11 dollars, not to mention shipping! Get these while they last because I'm running EXTREMELY low on Sic Erat Scriptum CDs and feel good knowing that buying CDs is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to financially support this project, cheers!!!!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Nyarlathotep via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Streaming + Download

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  • The updated version of my original bundle pack! With this bundle you get A) the new Wisdom of Silenus smoking skull t-shirt (Gildan heavy cotton) B) the new Nyarlathotep/Estuarine 2020 remix remaster compilation CD C) the Wisdom of Silenus CD which includes the instrumental version of the Sic Erat Scriptum album as a bonus D) the Sic Erat Scriptum CD E) 3 waterproof Sic Erat Scriptum stickers and F) a signed guitar pick.. so in other words this is everything I have for about 18 dollars cheaper than if you bought it all separately. If you're new to the project this is the perfect way to get a lot of cool stuff at a discounted price AND support the project!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Nyarlathotep via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 2 days
    edition of 21 

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  • T-Shirt/Apparel + Digital Album

    The second Estuarine t-shirt design!!! These are high quality Gildan heavy cotton t-shirts, with a single sided Wisdom of Silenus skull mascot and Estuarine logo design printed locally my Precision Merch. Get them while you can because there aren't many available!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Nyarlathotep via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 2 days

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Prefaced by a general unrest and widespread apprehension of horrid physical danger. Into all cities; the crawling chaos. Risen from beyond to plague with infinite foreboding. Into our cities; the crawling chaos. Risen from the black. Nyarlathotep, crawling chaos, returns. Far has word traveled of he who sees the future. Weakened by the heat all minds melt in his presence. Speaking in nightmare spreading chaos seed. Wherever he appears rest shall vanish. Nyarlathotep, sower of chaos beyond this realm. Nyarlathotep, takes human face again.
Emerging from his dimensional coffin with faces as numerous as the night is dark. Inflicting his madness upon the living realm, mediator between man and unknown chaos gods. All bow as he arrives though one can not say why with sciences and projections of an earth doomed to fight off all consuming darkness from every direction only to inevitably fail. Powerless to his influence, he entrances the weak to forever carry shadow.
Cold as I am, fear had not yet reached me. Angered by my indifference we all were driven out down endless stairs and corridors into the autumn heat. I proclaim lack of fear as others join for solace. We swore none's changed until lights fade exposing that all had been left ragged.
Beneath the green moons glow, a shift in our surroundings leads us into questioning. Wandering single file into doom as all slowly succumb to the same delusions. Stomping hooves of oblivion grow nearer. Filing out in numbers ever growing. Numb to the dropping of our own feet. Driven by an unseen presence. Manifesting as man's greatest fear. Stomping hooves of oblivion grow nearer. "Keep walking don't speak" we all received such orders given from beyond our comprehension. "Keep walking, don't speak. Know your destination; a fate much too horrid to express in human words."
Driven into vast and unknown vistas. Deaf to the sounds of ever growing laughter. The snap of broken bones becomes our metronome driving forth the bloody-nubbed exile. Welcoming madness as long foreboding's end. This sad scab of a city long since picked apart.
The rhythmic snap of spine slowly dulls as numbers thin, leaving only the strong still standing. As more unspoken orders drive us into sects, sent out in every direction. Lost. Distressed. Confused. Restless. Loss of control. Your movements no longer yours. Loss of mind. Your thoughts no longer yours.
Long have I succumb to my delusions. As wretched summer's heat gives way to winter's chill. From sand to glacier these feet carry me on. Curiosity consumes me in lieu of my own fear. "I am the last!" I will tell the audient void. Blessed am I to suffer a fate this impactful..
Screamingly sentient, Dumbly delirious, whirled blindly past the corpses of dead worlds. A sickened sensitive shadow in carnal winds that brush the stars and make them flicker low. Writhing in hands that are not hands. Carried through planes of rotting creation. Beyond the ghost of monstrous things. Above the spheres of light and darkness. Dancing awkwardly to blasphemous flutes that roar from chambers beyond time. The gigantic tenebrous unknown gods. Voiceless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep..


The second EP by Floridian extreme metal band Estuarine. Ten brutally chaotic minutes of technical blackened deathgrind, lyrically inspired by the Nyarlathotep short story.

This EP is dedicated to the memory of Collin "Asmodaeus" Andrews, REST IN POWER!!!!!!

All my music is free to download but CD sales, donations and word of mouth keep this project breathing. Huge thanks to any and all who have supported me in any way \m/

"The best way to describe this album is insane. If this album is the result of madness, it is a kind of madness most cannot channel into art. Technical grinding horror manifested from the beyond." Christopher Luedtke at Metal Injection (metalinjection.net/av/grindcore-monday/estuarine-conjure-techgrind-and-chaos-with-nyarlathotep-publish-march-15 )

"Estuarine has super-elevated their percussive and complex riffing style, opting for one-two punches now instead of playing the long game, which translates into an absolutely infectious listen." Andrew Rothmund at Invisible Oranges (www.invisibleoranges.com/estuarine-nyarlathotep/ www.invisibleoranges.com/umr-3142021-3202021/ )

9.3 out of 10 "Don't let it's length full you, Estuarine has proven itself as a master of composition in the past and this is one is no different." Flight of Icarus at Metal Trenches (metaltrenches.com/reviews/estuarine-nyarlathotep-album-review-2923 )

9 out of 10. "The overall atmosphere of this album is crushing.. For a 10 minute album, it feels much longer. Like the saying goes “leave ‘em wanting more” and I do..I want so much more. I’ll be listening to this on repeat." Written by Astral Slaughter for Noob Heavy (noobheavy.com/album-review-estuarine-nyarlathotep-9-death-grind/ )

8 out of 10.".. a very great sounding technical and experimental mixture of black, death metal and grindcore and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this solo project." BlackenedDeathMetalZine (bringerofdeathzine.blogspot.com/2021/01/estuarinenyarlathotep2021-ep-review.html?fbclid=IwAR3cGUxmOgaXG94t1NdU6x7aS1cUPRAU1OwuEZFYkzjd8jS34AoK40Y0gjE Interview: bringerofdeathzine.blogspot.com/2021/02/estuarine-interview.html?m=1)

"The distinct eeriness when it comes to the way the riffs and songs fuse together gives Estuarine more flavor than what you might expect of a grind band with bursts for songs, but the connectivity between them really makes it a more immersive and forceful listen.. Nyarlathotep is a bit short overall, but it never lacks in giving the listener a compelling experience as it oddly bulldozes through the scenery. Worth an investigation if you enjoy the grind extremity but are looking for something with some substance beneath it, as well as a few intriguing added quirks." Kyle McGinn at Dead Rhetoric (deadrhetoric.com/reviews/estuarine-nyarlathotep-self-released/ )

"“Nyarlathtep” is a quick shot of a sick dose of Blackened Metal. Like its namesake, it erupts out of the blackness and devours your being in very short order. Fans of Lovecraft and Experimental Technical Blackened Deathgrind or any variation thereof will dig this EP. It’s a short time commitment for what may be an eternity of haunting corruption." Gary Hernandez at Metal Temple (www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/e_2/estuarine.htm )

"..a chaotic and madness-inducing number that certainly embodies its loose inspirations. The wackiness of blackened grind, technical speed and experimentation that will confuse most is one of the more unique things heard this year.." Carl "the disc" Fisher at Games, Brrraaains,
and a Head-Banging Life (www.gbhbl.com/album-review-estuarine-nyarlathotep-self-released/ )


released March 19, 2021

Hydrus - All Sound, Vomit, (De)Composition, EVP Documentation and Performance

Jamie Amos- Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Nyarlathotep cover art: "Exiting Reality" painted by The Lung Swarm (Austin Weber). Used with permission. (www.facebook.com/ArtOvTHELUNGSWARM/?fref=ts www.instagram.com/thelungswarm ) (This artist is selling shirts with this art and I would love to see you support him! Buy his merch here: teespring.com/custom-art-shirt-2-from-austi?tsmac=store&tsmic=the-lung-swarm-art&pid=2&cid=2122 )


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Estuarine Tampa, Florida

Nomadic extreme metal originally from Tampa, Florida. Experimental technical blackened deathgrind.

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